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World Wetlands Day 2014


As every year, since 2001, we were celebrating World Wetland Day at our headquarters in Chyrzyno. This year we organized WWD on 2th February 2014.

The celebration was opened by National Park’s Director Mr. Konrad Wypychowski who welcome gathered people and had first speech about significant role of extensive agriculture system for nature conservation in Warta Mouth National Park. Moreover he said about agriculture-schemes. He also said about history of Warta Mouth wetlands conservation and importance of Ramsar Convention.

Ecology education is an important tool in wetland conservation. After Director’s speech four and five years old children from kindergarten in Kostrzyn had performance about activities that can damage wetlands ecosystem such as: car washing near by, litter throwing and wetlands draining for buildings. The young actors played role of animals (Beaver, Grey Heron, White Stork, frogs), that got sick because of pollution and drainage of wetlands. Other actors performed young people polluting wetlands, having a disco nearby and investor who drained wetlands to spread agglomeration. Małgorzata Pezowicz and Elżbieta Strof prepared children for performance. At the end of performance children got a small gifts inter alia World Wetland Day sticker. 

One of crucial points of celebration was speech of PhD student Ms. Ekatarina Radevich from Belarus. Ms. Katarina said about Ramsar Convention sites in Belarus, its conservation status and negative impacts of drainage and melioration on wetland areas. She gave weight to wetland as unique habitat of endangered species of birds such as Aquatic Warbler. She also described her PhD theme about wetland mapping using method based on LANDSAT and IKONOS multispectral data classification. 

 All participants could visit viewpoint at the tower where they could admire wetlands landscape. They also could visit mini exposition of Warta Mouth National Park animals. 

During WWD celebration we also served mint tea and delicious rice biscuits with jam.

After presentations, all guests were invited for guided excursion to Warta Mouth National Park. Excursion participants got binoculars. The guide had a spotting scope which also was used. The excursion lasted about 2 hours. Unfortunately because of ice covered water, there were not many species of birds. The strong point of excursion was admiring Rough-Legged Buzzard through the spotting scope. Other birds species seen during excursion were: European Goldfinch, Eurasian Tree Sparrow, Mute Swan, Grey Heron, Hooded Crow, Buzzard, Greylag Goose, Raven.

Furthermore, as every year, we are preparing free of charge workshops for students from primary school (age: 12 years), entitled: “Why do we need Wetlands?”. These activities will take place from 17th of February to 14th of March.
This year about 90 people participated in World Wetland Day. We are looking forward to organize 2015 WWD. The celebration is a great tool to propagate significant role of wetland in many conservation aspects as well as extensive agricultural use.

Agata Jirak


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  • Serving mint tea and rice biscuits with jam (Fot. A. J.)
  • Speech of Warta Mouth National Park Director (Fot. Ł.U.)
  • Performance of children from Kostrzyn (Fot. A.J.)
  • Giving gifts for children (Fot. Ł.U.)
  • Ms. Ekatarina Radevich speech (fot. A.J.)
  • Guides: Łukasz Ulbrych and Agata Jirak During excursion...
  • Warta Mouth National Park Wojskowy Bridge (fot. A.J.)



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